FO: Meandering . . . Cowl

This was the shawl that turned into a scarf that morphed into a cowl. So much . . . magic?

I found Meandering in an abandoned WIP bag when I cleaned up my yarn room this past weekend. It is made from a discontinued Schafer Yarn “Helene” in 50/50 Merino and silk. Yes, luxury! But when I started this project, I had not quite put together that a worsted weight yarn was not quite right for lacework 🙂 Even if it was a singles. And so, I soldiered on until I couldn’t soldier anymore and the piece went into the plastic bag for good.

Luckily for me, Melissa of last year managed enough pattern repeats that this WIP was big enough to be a cowl. And what a cowl it is! Soft, lovely colors, and I think once it’s washed and blocked, the silk will drape and open like nobody’s business.


Thanks to my dear Spencer for the lovely photos

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6 Responses to FO: Meandering . . . Cowl

  1. metaspencer says:

    Looks great!


  2. Alina says:

    Such lovely colors!!! And the photos are really really nice!


  3. AlohaBlu says:

    Love this! Lovely cowl and photos 🙂


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