Episode 2 and The 4oz Challenge!

Happy weekending, everyone! I’m excited to announce that Episode 2 is live!

As part of this Episode, I announce The 4oz Challenge! Overwhelmed by the size of your stash? Want a way to stay motivated? Want to slowly–but surely–empty out those bins? The plan is to work through our stashes at a steady, but reasonable rate: at least 4oz every 2 weeks. Sometimes we’ll knit or spin more, sometimes we’ll knit or spin less, but steady wins the challenge! Want to join us? Head over to the knittingthestash group on Ravelry where I’ve set up a discussion thread for the challenge. We’ll set milestones, record our progress, encourage each other, and hopefully include some give-a-ways . . . after all, those stashes will need to be replenished somehow, right?

In the meantime, enjoy Episode 2 and consider introducing yourself on Ravelry–even if you’re not ready to join in the 4oz Challenge just yet 🙂


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3 Responses to Episode 2 and The 4oz Challenge!

  1. scyeung says:

    The shawl is so lovely, and the sock looks like its coming along splendidly. All best on the second one! I enjoyed the discussion of motivation – I also find that it helps to have different projects going at once that I can turn to depending on what’s possible/mood/etc. that day. I’ve noticed that, for me, starting up is far easier than finishing(!). It’s a great apprenticeship in slowing down. I will consider the 4 oz. challenge – great idea for holiday knitters.


    • Thanks much on both accounts! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

      Starting is definitely an addiction, as it were. . . I’m about to cast on another scarf/shawl and I feel completely justified! I do love the moments when things get finished — once I can see the end coming, I’m like a horse that smells the yarn barn, ha!

      If you feel up for the challenge, come on over to Ravelry–we’d love to have you!

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