Dye Day 2016

Beth recently sponsored another Dye Day for guild members–thanks, Beth!!–which means she broke out the bins, the tables, the plastic wrap, the dyes (for cotton and wool), and opened her home to us all. Some sat knitting while waiting to soak, others were busy at the dye tables from the moment they arrived. Good cheer was everywhere. Even Spencer got into the act for the first time: he had a cotton warp to dye!

Here are a few photos of the scene and the process.



I did a wee bit of dyeing too: I dyed my brown Shetland wool at home (more on that next time!), but at dye day, I worked on some SW Merino top that I wanted to rescue. I could not be happier with the results!



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6 Responses to Dye Day 2016

  1. madgeface says:

    Your dye results are gorgeous!


  2. Alina says:

    It looks so complicated! Your wool turned out amazing – mesmerizing colors!


  3. polwygle says:

    Looks amazing! If I ever get the time to develop a new hobby, it’ll be dye-ing followed by spinning my own yarn… Until then, I’ll keep following your adventures. Thanks for posting!


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