Lothlorian Shawl/Scarf

I am about 15 rows and a sutured seam away from finishing the Stornoway Throw–which is easily the biggest object I have ever knit. Whoa. But family has called me away from that project this week, and so, travel knitting in hand, I am taking a wee break from the blanket. So, as sad as I was to leave the blanket *unfinished* (gasp!) on the couch, I have slowly come to terms with the pause in its construction.

My next project to be cast on is the Lothlorien shawl/scarf by Jennifer Wood of Woodhouse Knits. This project promises to be a great one–and one of great difficulty, as it should be given the origins of its name 🙂 I am going for the smaller, scarf version as I am not a huge fan of acres of seed stitch.

What I love about Jennifer’s patterns is her combination of cable and lace: for me, it’s the idea mash-up. This shawl pattern is complex enough to require my attention, will likely build both my lace and cable skills, and it’s finished look is gorgeous. Before casting on, I need to sort through the pattern and do a bit of re-con to make sure I know the routes and the turns. This one makes me nervous in all the right ways 🙂

What’s on your needles? Any challenging projects?

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2 Responses to Lothlorian Shawl/Scarf

  1. The Greyt Knitter says:

    It will be a gorgeous shawl. Can’t wait to see it.


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