Fort Collins and Loveland, CO 2016


Jennifer Rose Guyor –and me!–in Loveland, CO 2016

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this week was largely devoted to family–my father-in-law is ill and so we took a much needed trip to offer some support. Things are as good as can be expected, and there were several hours of down-time each day while everyone rested, worked, and generally recuperated.

Fort Collins and Loveland, CO are fiber-havens; going to either city can be a pilgrimage site of sorts, and, thanks to a “Spin-and-Send” back in 2015, I have a lovely friend who lives and works in Loveland. So, on Tuesday, I took a small trip to visit her. In trying times, there is nothing like a friendly fiber face! Jennifer Rose Guyor is the creative mind behind Wild Lily Artisan Fibers, the marketing manager of Aniroonz Sheep Co., and a wonderful person with which to share some tea! I shared an interview with Jennifer back in 2015 and we’re now working on a nifty post about what’s new for her and for Aniroonz Sheep Co!–stay tuned!

Thanks to Jennifer, I had an excellent fleece tour of some new-to-me breeds; saw some beautiful pelts; and smelled a few ram-fleece! Whew! She sent me home with some CVM and a longwool fleece. Getting them on the plane ought to be interesting! I cannot wait to get processing and spinning. I think the CVM might get a cold soak before I spin it in the grease–it’s that clean and beautiful. Consider heading to Jennifer’s website to check out her beautiful fiber work–and a new series on her blog!


CVM fleece from Aniroonz Sheep Co.–gorgeous!


Karakul fleece from Aniroonz Sheep Co.–the colors on the tips were amazing!


Sheep pelt–Aniroonz Sheep Co.–so much variety here!

When we returned home, I shared the fleece with my mom-in-law, an avid knitter who had not yet encountered a raw fleece. We had some terrific fun drafting and “spinning” a few locks. It was a relaxing way to pass an hour or so and kept everyone’s thoughts occupied.

Back home, I’m sending love to my CO-family and many thanks to Jennifer for taking me in for the afternoon and sending me home with some fiber-memories.

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4 Responses to Fort Collins and Loveland, CO 2016

  1. Alina says:

    What a great event! And it is so nice to share your passion with your loved ones!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Lady it was TOO short. We need a retreat…perhaps to Maine? Copper K? I’ll pick you up 🙂


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