A Lothlorian Symphony

To my eye, Jennifer Wood’s Lothlorian Shawl is without equal. It’s lace; it’s cables . . .

For anyone who has not yet ventured over to the pattern page on Ravelry (or downloaded the pattern), it’s a segmented design. In other words, there are numerous small charts representing each portion of the pattern: the border, the left or right leaf, the flowers, etc. As you work across the shawl/scarf and create a larger and larger knitted object, you add in elements and separate the parts via stitch markers. There is never one “master” chart. Instead, you are reading between charts and bringing them together with each stitch, and rarely working more than a few stockinette stitches in a row. I told my husband that it feels like reading music: like conducting a symphony with many parts and players.


Wood has designed a pattern that is complex, but easy to execute–follow the patterned charts and you’re off! Indeed, this is my second lace project and even though there is lace on each side (RS and WS), it’s completely do-able. Not simple, but sensible.  And, when you have a delightful stitch marker (from Megan Morrell of Old Crow Art Yarns) leading the way to the right side of your work . . . well, then you always know which bars come next.


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9 Responses to A Lothlorian Symphony

  1. metaspencer says:

    nice stitch marker

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mary Giger says:

    You are amazing! I almost believe I can knit this shawl!


  3. polwygle says:

    This is going to look cute on you!


  4. Alina says:

    Looks so intriguing! Love the stitches, I am sure it will be a beautiful shawl!


  5. The Greyt Knitter says:

    Like the pattern. Can’t wait to see F O!


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