To-Learn List 2017

In the spirit of lists-past and with an eye towards growing and changing and learning more, I present my 2017 To Learn list in all its promising glory:

  • Practice and get more comfortable with colorwork (fair isle)
  • Be a test-knitter–I have one on the line already!!
  • Knit at least one practical sweater from my stash: Minthe?  Georgetown?
  • Conquer the Geology shawl that thwarted me in the past
  • Grow the Podcast and add more video tutorials!
  • Continue to work on lace and cables–learn their construction as much as possible
  • Continue the one year, one blanket tradition! This time, Feederbrook Farm yarn; the plan: a Persian Dreams Blanket that I have been dreaming about for 2+ years now–there is even a worsted version available!
  • Keep a pair of socks on the needles at all times
  • Check out a yarn shop in every city I visit ( . . . if it has a yarn shop)
  • Spin at least 1/3 of the braids in my stash (whoa–that alone could take a while)
  • Card or otherwise process at least 1/3 of the washed fiber in my stash
  • Buy less yarn and fiber–remember, the sheep will grow more!

What’s on your list? Share a link or give us an update on your plans in the comments! Happy New Year to everyone!

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20 Responses to To-Learn List 2017

  1. Liz says:

    That looks like a busy but very achievable list. Sounds like fun times ahead, I like the ‘visit a yarn shop’ idea! I haven’t yet made a list but the more I see them popping up the more I’m tempted …


  2. Mary Giger says:

    You have me thinking seriously about what I’d like to accomplish.
    I’d like to spin a sweater quantity and knit the “Choice” sweater by Alina at Gift of Knitting. I love her textured designs.
    That should take me all year!
    Oh and accumulate more braids for a combo spin someday.


  3. Great list, thanks for posting it! I think the idea of a blanket a year is great – very achievable and productive over the long haul. Awesome idea, too, to also always be sock-knitting in some form – it’s one of the few year-round wearable knits. I’m also hoping to up my colorwork skills this year. After a slightly puckered attempt last year, I’m giving another go. Happy making!


    • I’m with you on the color-work . . . mine is slowly improving. Very slowly. The blankets are funny: I think they are consistently the only finished objects that end up staying with me! I have not yet given one away, perhaps because of the number of hours involved! I have been gifted crochet blankets and I adore them–my aunt gave our family two and they are on our beds all winter long.

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  4. polwygle says:

    Ooh, give me a heads up if you are going to do the Geology shawl. I am interested in making one, too, now that I’ve learned about it. 🙂 I think instead of doing one blanket a year like you, I’ll do one socially acceptable blanket (i.e., a shawl).


  5. Wow, that’ll keep you out of mischief! I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on. This year, I want to tackle digital illustration and learn a bit more about wet felting!


  6. Debbie says:

    I think this year will be a study of Shawlettes. Maybe even write my own pattern! I also need to read more books, a hobby that is really tidy, for a change!


    • You should write your own, Debbie. And, if your recent projects are any indication, it’s totally going to be the year of the shawl. I love how you have gone through so many versions of the same shawl with your homespun and other yarns. So helpful to see the differences.


  7. What a great list! Full of awesome goals, I’ll be cheering you on!


  8. Nicky says:

    I love your list! The flu stopped me from posting this week, but mine is similar; I’ll post more this week coming.

    I’m rooting for you! Every year I start with the best of intentions then at some point in the year I’m asking “what happened?” LOLOL! This year, I have a plan and I want to stick to it.


    • Hey Nicky–I so rarely get through my lists! But they are a nice guide and I like to circle around and around them until I eventually learn all the things . . . that could take a while. I’ll be looking for your list!


  9. AlohaBlu says:

    That’s an awesome list!! Keep us posted as you go along. I am going to *try* double-knitting (again) this year. I couldn’t get my brain around it last year, but I’m not giving up yet. Good luck to us both! 🙂


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