Episode 7: It’s About Time

As promised, a new episode is up and running over on YouTube!

As always, show notes can be found below; please message me if you have questions about something in the show ๐Ÿ™‚

Show Notes:

The Prison Bus (outside my window . . .)

Wait, But Why? The Tail End

Funky Air Bear

How I Make My Socks

Modification for Men’s How I Make My Socks

Capturing the Colors of a Skein

Ebba Pullover

Chicadee by Quince & Co.

Blackberries and Cream Hatย 

Manning Park Hat

Lothlorien scarf (my Ravelry project page)

Fat Cat Knits

CrawCraft Beasties

Handmade Habit

knittingthestash Ravelry Group

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4 Responses to Episode 7: It’s About Time

  1. Thanks again so much for featuring me and the Beasties in your podcast! I’m so glad I was able to make time to sit down and enjoy all your yarny news yesterday! Can’t wait for the next one ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. These are such beautiful reflections on time, thank you. I find the act of knitting itself stretches and expands my sense of it, but thinking about the very finite number of projects that are *actually* feasible in a lifetime quickly contracts it again. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, so lovely to see the Lothlorien in all of its splendor, post-blocking. I am a big fan of seed stitch and it pairs perfectly with the intricate lacework. Your discussion of blocking has convinced me not to skip this step any longer. Congrats on completing this virtuosic knit. And wonderful, too, to see an update on your spinning experiments.

    Thanks so much for the shout-out, and your generous and kind words. Likewise!: Knitting the Stash, and your community-building through fiber arts, has been a big inspiration for me since taking up the needles again last year. Thank you <3.


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