Sick Child, Socks, and Swatches

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 11.47.50 AM.png

I posted a quick snap of Spencer’s new socks on Instagram the other day–I was so excited that @MissBabs commented on the socks (!) I’ve since worked the gusset and part of the foot and I have some things to say about color pooling . . . but those remarks will have to wait for another day. After all, this post is about sick kids, too, and boy oh boy was mine ill with the stomach flu–as was most of the middle school, it turns out. As I write this, I am happy to say he is out of the woods. So, that just leaves Spencer and I hoping that all of the cleaning, hand washing, rubbing alcohol wiping, and general good luck will keep us clear of this one! We shall see, we shall see.

Today, I spent time home with Zach, reading for my grad seminar, listening to Harry Potter with one ear, and then, as the evening finally fell, swatching for my sweater. My gauge is a wee bit funny between the regular swatch and the color-work swatch (as one would expect) and so, I need to play a bit more before diving into the sweater math tat will help me produce a garment I actually want to wear. Off to the soak the swatched now in hoped that I might be able to share by Thursday!

Be well, my fiber people, and send us your best wishes that we avoid this middle school scourge! Happy Tuesday!

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4 Responses to Sick Child, Socks, and Swatches

  1. I hope everyone stays well. We just had the stomach flu rampage through our middle school. My son got it mildly and the rest of us avoided it.
    I like the sock! It reminds me of a lightning bolt:)


  2. Alina says:

    So sorry to hear that 😦 I can definitely relate – haven’t been well for three weeks and it is so hard to get back to normal life! Hope Z is 100% well!


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