Episode 8: WIP’d Into Shape!

I’m fresh off a plane from Texas and ready to talk fiber! So, I’m happy to announce that Episode 8 is now live on YouTube. Thanks so much for tuning in–and thanks to Sarah of FiberTrek for sending some of you fine knitters and spinners my way 🙂 In today’s episode, it’s all about intentional color pooling, tinking, sweater progress (with short rows), a sad sock . . . and oh, and the story of our loom! As always, show notes are below. Special thanks to my husband Spencer, for getting these episodes edited and uploaded.


Show Notes

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6 Responses to Episode 8: WIP’d Into Shape!

  1. How interesting about the mysterious origins of your loom. If it is indeed handmade, I imagine the original craftsperson would be happy to know it’s getting a second go and some new parts. 🙂 Sorry to hear about the knee sock, but bravo on the lovely stripes on the husband-sock. Wow! Looking forward to more of the lovely grey sweater as well – I think a sweater is my goal for this year. Thanks for the info and inspiration. 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Shirley! Yeah, bummer about the sock . . . meh, it willy fly by and be better in the end, so I can’t ask for much more 🙂 The sweater is coming right along! I cannot wait to post and cast about it again. So exciting, although I might faint with the steeking . . . eep! I’d love to see your 2017 sweater–do it! It will be grand!

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  2. Alina says:

    Nice to see you back. Capturing the colors of a skein is just genius – what a great tool! I am definitely saving it 🙂 Looks like you’ll be done with grey sweater in to time!


  3. This looks like a Harrisville Loom-the beater bar stops look spot on for that and likewise the equipment tray on top. Circa 1970 my guess..


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