My First Steek! (EEK!)

I am hard at work on the Ebba Pullover by Diana Walla. Steeking tutorials can be found at Diana’s website and on Craftsy in Beth Whiteside’s “Cut Your Knitting” class. Thanks to Spencer for all of his work filming and editing on the video!

This video goes out to Beth and Debbie who helped me steek a swatch yesterday . . . thanks for giving me the confidence to cut into my knitting! My dears, I hope to someday know as much about knitting, spinning, and fiber as you two! By the way, Debbie blogs over at and she makes some beautiful jewelry. And Beth has a nifty Etsy shop called SheepsCreations that you should totally check out!

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6 Responses to My First Steek! (EEK!)

  1. Mary Giger says:

    OMG you are brave! The sweater looks awesome!


  2. Sheri Ahner says:

    You are sooooo brave! Great job. I was holding my breath as you were cutting each stitch. Thanks for sharing.


  3. So exciting!! Way to go with your first steek!!


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