Sweater Surgery

Those of you who watch the podcast know that I’ve completed my Ebba Pullover–yes!–pictures coming as soon as the sun comes out 🙂 And this finished object has inspired me to look back at my past sweaters . . . to see if they can be salvaged, despite some minor flaws.

Exhibit A: my 2nd sweater, made just by using a gauge swatch and a mash-up of pattern elements. It’s knit in KnitPicks Capra (a cashmere blend); I made this back in 2014.


What I love:

  • it’s warmth
  • the color
  • the collar

What I need to fix:

  • it’s length
  • a couple of mysterious holes

Here are a couple of quick pictures of the holes–I believe them to be simple snags, as I put the sweater in a sealed bag and no critters appeared . . .


Luckily for me, Melissa of 2014 saved an extra ball of Capra; so, my plan is to fix the holes AND snip a stitch, separating the bottom from the middle of the sweater. Carol Feller’s Sweater Surgery Craftsy class to the rescue! Plus, I just saw Patricia of Knitography do this to her sweater. I’m feeling some confidence! That way, I can knit a few extra rows and graft the sweater back together. Both fixes will make it infinitely more wearable and I am looking forward to that! This poor baby has been languishing in the closet for too long!


I’ll let you all know how it works out . . . and maybe make a video about the process for anyone else who needs a little sweater surgery!

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10 Responses to Sweater Surgery

  1. Florence Clark says:

    Good luck with the surgery. I love resurrecting the under utilised.
    Despite the lack of critter, I would be highly suspicious of moth larvae being the culprit and I would be on the rampage.


    • Hi Florence! Yes I know (know on wood)–the sweater was bagged for 2+ weeks and I see no evidence of any foul play in there or in the closet . . . so I think I’m in the clear! But, Oh, and I ever vigilant!


  2. Debbie says:

    I too, have a sweater like this, with no evidence of moths. I definitely want to see a video of the sweater surgery! I do a crappy job of repairing things like this. My sweater is handspun cashmere, so I would like it to look good.

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  3. Good luck! I’ll be looking for the result.

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  4. Nice one, 2014 Melissa, for holding on to that extra ball of yarn! Good luck with your surgery, I’m intrigued to see how this separation-lengthening-regrafting goes. And if you do have any lingering concerns about moths, put the sweater into the freezer for 24 hours – if there are any critters lurking in there, that’ll sort them out!


    • freeze the sweater! That sounds like a good plan . . . just in case (and I am clearly a “just in case” kinda lady!) I’m hoping to get the surgery and video up this weekend. But we also just helped a guild mate out with her shearing and so my main video editor and cinematographer (my husband) has a lot of footage to get through!!! 🙂

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