Episode 10: Shearing and Sweater Mods

Episode 10, my fiber folk! It’s up and I can’t wait to hear what you are working on–please share in the comments and/or on our Ravelry Group! In this episode, I talk about shearing day at Cather Capel’s Seven Sisters Farm; a new instructional video for sweater modification; and my new sweater WIP: Isabell Kramer’s Aileas. MMMMMmm.


Show Notes:

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7 Responses to Episode 10: Shearing and Sweater Mods

  1. Cathe says:

    Thanks for your help with shearing. I saw the shearer’s father at a sheep meeting on Saturday, and he sought me out to tell me that Jim was really impressed with us and how well we kept up with him!


  2. It was incredible to see how much work and expertise go into shearing + processing. Just. Wow! Sounds like an amazing day. Happy to hear that a swatch saved the sweater modification, and what a great top-down project (great to see the kettle dyed yarn find a home!). I’m so jazzed about the Georgetown! So chic and timeless. I bought Fettig’s pattern book earlier this year and am waiting for a moment to try one. Looking forward to reading more about the cardi in progress. Happy Knitting! 🙂


    • Hey Shirley, If you knit up the Georgetown, I would love to know more! I seriously want that sweater in my closet 🙂 And, yes, I am always so relieved whenever I can use yarn from the (ever-growing) stash . . . it makes my yarn room a bit lighter. I wish all of you could have come out to shearing day with us!

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  3. I FINALLY got a chance to catch up with this yesterday… Wow, if ever there was a case for making and saving your swatches! I enjoyed hearing more about shearing day too!


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