Knitwear on North Face

We just watched North Face (2008) for the second time. If you have not seen this German film about climbing the Eiger in the shadow of Nazi Germany, well, maybe you should! But be warned, it doesn’t end well . . . What I noticed this time around is all of the beautiful period knitwear in the film–from sweaters to socks to mittens and scarves. Damn. I love it all! It left me wishing for a time when folks clothed themselves in handknit wool garments. Oh, wait, that time is now (again)!

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5 Responses to Knitwear on North Face

  1. madgeface says:

    I love a good climbing movie and one with period knits? I’ll have to track this one down!


  2. Oh awesome! I’ll have to look out for this! And if you’re looking for more knitting viewing, I remember spotting some great pieces in the most recent TV adaptations of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple (“recent” is relative, though – these probably date back to 2009 or 10) and more modern knits in ITV’s series “Shetland”. 😀


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