FO: Aileas <3

It’s sweater washing day here, and so, my brand new Aileas is taking it’s first real bath. But before dipping it into the wool wash, Spencer snapped a few pictures for my Ravelry page. I am in love with this sweater! I discussed the sweater on Episode 11 of the podcast in more detail and I posted some additional pics on Ravelry and Instagram–hard to remember, sometimes, where everything has been posted! I am still in need of some funky buttons . . . so if you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments 🙂



  • Yarn: local IL shetland that I kettle dyed myself with acid dye; inner collar is Dream in Color SW Merino
  • Pattern: Aileas by Isabell Kraemer
  • Modifications: I added a Purl row so that the collar would turn more easily for the hemming. I also added a purple SW liner to the collar in pattern.
  • If you make it: 1) be sure to pick up the faux cable stitches in the armpits and on the collar carefully so that the cable appears to continue seamlessly. 2) use a stretchy bind off for the front edges when you finish the button bands. I also used a 1/2 stretchy bind off for the upper collar.
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10 Responses to FO: Aileas <3

  1. Mary G says:



  2. An absolutely wonderful sweater. The pictures really showcase all the fine little details, and it fits perfectly! The natural variations in the yarn add another cool visual element to the stockinette surfaces. And that pink liner on the collar is great – presaging a pink Aileas ‘sister’ sweater, I hope! 🙂 Just, wow, Melissa!


  3. Oh woweeeee, it looks great… These photos really show off that gorgeous deep eggplant colour! I bet you can’t wait for it to dry… And I’m sure it won’t be long before we see its pink sister sweater on the needles 😉


    • Helen, the collar is taking *forever* to dry! Darn it! I really hope one more night does it so that I can wear this to work tomorrow . . . so many meetings, but all with the sweater, so it’ll be fun 🙂 And thanks: between you and Shirley (see above) I have plenty of motivation to get this pink version off the ground!

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      • Is it cheating if you speed up the process with a hairdryer? I hope it got dried in time! This is proof that you need a second one though – so you can wear them in rotation and never have to be Aileasless 😉

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  4. Katherine says:

    That looks SO cozy! I like sweaters that you could wear everyday, and this looks great for that. I might have to check out the pattern. Great color too!


  5. Alina says:

    Such a great cardi! Love the contrasting color detail!


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