Too Sick . . .

. . . to even pick up the needles. Sigh. [Cough]

I have had the flu perhaps 1 other time in my life; it’s a memory I won’t soon forget: Little House on the Prairie marathons, writhing in bed with a high fever, coughing . . . you get the picture. Well, this flu was less devastating, but I pretty much slept through the weekend–including my son’s soccer tournament. I *still* have a fever, five days later, but I’m hoping to be well enough to teach my grad seminar tomorrow. We shall see.

Before I was rendered basically unconscious, I did start up my second Aileas! And here is the picture to prove it. I love the heathered pink yarn and, after all of the pattern maths, I think this one will turn out OK despite the difference in gauge. You see, I voted for the size 7 needle fabric, which was about .5 off the row and stitch counts. I love the fabric, though, and so, made the leap to work out the modifications. And now . . . I’ll be nodding off again. ZZZzzzZZzz


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22 Responses to Too Sick . . .

  1. I hope you feel better soon. There is little worse than being too sick to knit:(


  2. carmelle Tidd says:

    I hope you feel better soon. I love the pink yarn.


  3. leahfaith1976 says:

    Get well soon xx The heathered pink is a lovely colour šŸ™‚


  4. madgeface says:

    I hope you feel better soon! My husband has the flu also; he travels every week for work but coincidentally/luckily is working from home this week. He went to the doctor too late to get anti-viral meds and is ever so slowly (so slow he doesn’t notice, I think) getting better. I’d like to think it’s that giant pot of chicken soup I made him, but it’s probably more the meds the doctor did give him. Anyway, I hope it passes quickly for you!


    • Oh dear! Thanks for the well wishes, Mandy and I do hope your husband feels better soon. My husband is the one who (eh hem) brought the flu home to us, too! Poor guys! I taught my seminar today (even with a slight fever) and this eve, I’m thinking I might be on the mend at long last šŸ™‚

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  5. Debbie says:

    Oh no! I count how sick I am by how many days that I haven’t knit. Get Spencer to make you some vegetable soup!


    • Debbie–I now understand your metric! I seriously thought (hoped!) I would never be too sick to knit . . . but I understand completely now. Feeling a bit better this eve, if still wiped out from all the fever. Hoping to be up for some spinning time with you all tomorrow, but I’ll wait and see šŸ™‚


  6. Oh, Melissa! Sorry to hear about the flu. If it’s of any consolation, we’re in the same boat – I left an all-day conference on a high note last Friday then, boom, completely wiped out with a cough and fever yesterday. It’s the flu. I suspect the changing weather has something to do with this bug going around? Slowly, but surely, it’ll run it’s course, but I hope you feel better sooner!


  7. tinaor says:

    Oh no – hope you’re over it soon. Loving the pink !


  8. Mary G says:

    Oh the dreaded flu. You’re too sick to even knit now that’s bad.
    Hope you get well soon. Always appreciate all you do.


  9. Too sick to knit?! Horrible! Poor you… Good to hear you’re on the mend again now though šŸ˜€ Your new cardi is coming along great, even after your days of enforced rest!


    • All well now [cough cough] . . . ok, mostly well! And yes, the Aileas 2.0 is all joined up and rolling along! Loving the pink. Your beasties have been on quite the fun adventures of late–enjoying every post, especially when I was sick: super cheery!

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      • That’s good news! Hopefully you’ve chased the last of it off by now, it sounds like it was a horrible dose. The Beasties are happy to have been part of the cure… Although maybe Paddy and Plunkett should have grabbed you a bottle of healing well water on their last trip away!

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  10. What a beautiful shade of pink! I love it. I can’t believe this is only the second time you have had the flu! I seem to get it every couple of years. Lucky you!


  11. The Greyt Knitter says:

    Hope you get better soon.

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