FO: Ebba Pullover

We finally had some fading sunlight and a free moment; so, Spencer took some awesome pictures of my Ebba Pullover. It’s fully washed and blocked, now, and the colorwork came out remarkably even for my first try 🙂 Happy Tuesday! And don’t forget to enter the Knitting in France giveaway: to enter, leave a comment on the blogpost, on Episode 12 of the podcast, OR in the Ravelry group! Contest ends April 22!



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12 Responses to FO: Ebba Pullover

  1. madgeface says:

    What a great sweater, Melissa!


  2. Perfection! Great setting to show off your accomplishment!


  3. Beautiful handiwork, Melissa!


  4. oh wow, that sweater is a knockout, and you look amazing in it!! Way to go!!


  5. Alina says:

    What a glorious sweater!!! The color contrast is amazing!


  6. Oh wow, it looks even better in daylight! I love the red details around the top of the neck and sleeves. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to wear it a few more times before the weather heats up!


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