Postcard from the Spinning Wheel


Bogga, of Knitting in France, sure makes some beautiful rolags! These were merino, nylon, and Wensleydale. The yarn is a 3-ply: 2 plies from Bogga’s gorgeous rolags and 1 ply from some teal lap waste singles I had left over on my lazy cake–hey, you never know what might happen! The yarn is a little sparkly, a little lustrous, and super soft. Spun with a modified short backwards draw, which seemed to be what the rolags wanted :)The Skein is about 220 yards. Yummy!

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7 Responses to Postcard from the Spinning Wheel

  1. metaspencer says:

    they spun up really nice!


  2. Mary G says:

    I like the teal third ply! AWEsome.


  3. Gorgeous! I spotted this on Instagram the other day, and I’m still so taken with it! The teal is such a great match for Bogga’s sunny summery blues 😀


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