Managing the Spaces

My husband and I are hobbyists–more than that, really–but there are few words in English to describe just what we do. And I think many of you probably feel the same! We have projects–ACTIVE projects–all over the house. We have dining rooms turning into “loom rooms” and guest rooms that become “yarn rooms” . . . we have Amazon reviews going all the time, impromptu YouTube film sets, garage workshops, fleece washing and fiber dyeing in the bathtub. Ok, maybe that last bit was too much information! You get the picture.

Every few weeks we gather and clean up, shifting to new projects and storing older ones that are finished or hibernating. And every few months, we go through a big clean out of things to be given away; furniture that needs to be moved, modified, or repaired; and room concepts that need reorganizing.


This morning, it was the loom room/dining room that had it’s wee makeover. And I love the results. The warp board and cleat are now hanging behind the loom and can be accessed on the semi-annual basis when needed. Some dyed warp and older handspun is ready for the loom and the giveaway pile, respectively. And the large walking wheel has taken up a magisterial place in the front entry. Ahhh, order.


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5 Responses to Managing the Spaces

  1. madgeface says:

    Thank you for the motivation & reminder. It’s been about a year since I did something similar and it’s time for me to go through everything again and tidy up, say good bye to a few things, reorganize, etc. And I know clearing the slate like that will make space for new projects, too.

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  2. Oh, I see some of this in my future! Thanks to the ongoing process of craft creep, and sometimes​ full-on craftsplosion, projects are slowly taking over my home. Thanks for the timely reminder that I need to rein them in!

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    • My husband can’t stand dirt (unless he’s playing in the garden) and I can’t stand clutter . . . so between the two of us the house . . . . never stays clean! We have too much else going on! LOL

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      • Hahaha! Yes, I can see how that would happen – you are both exceptionally busy people! The only thing that stops Beastie Towers becoming all-out chaos is Elusive Boyfriend’s​ aversion to accumulating stuff. If he was like me, we wouldn’t be able to get in the door! 😆

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