Episode 15: FOs All Over!

In today’s episode, I chat about my FOs: the Aileas Cardigan and Loop Shawl! I take a trip to Ravelry for some excellent new patterns that I’ll be knitting up: the Ella Cardigan and Rebel Shawl (brioche!!). And, of course, I feature lots of indie dyers and fiber folk! Giveaway announcement towards the end πŸ™‚


Show Notes:


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5 Responses to Episode 15: FOs All Over!

  1. Great episode, Melissa. It’s so interesting to see just how different the two Aileas’ (Aileai?) knit up – drapey and relaxed vs. more structured. It’s very instructive to be able to see that difference; I’ve only recently begun to think about things like drape. Colour is also next on the list of fun things to explore. πŸ™‚ Also, what a wonderful shawl. Thanks for sharing these lovely FOs!


    • Thanks so much, Shirley! You were quite the cheerleader for this second Aileas, as I recall πŸ™‚ So thank you for that! The drape is so interesting, especially given that the Isle Yarn is not all that structurally different from the Shetland! Maybe it comes down to needle size sometimes and fabric density πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh maaan, I’m so behind on my podcasts! I’ll hopefully get to catch up on all your news later in the week… I really want to see how your two Aileases compare! Have a good Monday πŸ˜€


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