Summer and the Living is Easy . . .

The blog is now officially on summer-time.

Summer-time. n. of or related to the slow-down that often happens over long stretches of summer break. See also: more time with family, fun adventures, and time away from the screen.

Weekends will be prime-time around here for posts: I’ve got some wonderful giveaways coming up and the podcast will continue as usual all summer long! Thanks for all of your comments, thoughts, and messages–I read them all! Keep them coming!

Now, to hang out with my (gulp) almost 13 year old and have some summer fun . . .

Wishing you all a restful few months!

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4 Responses to Summer and the Living is Easy . . .

  1. Alina says:

    Enjoy your break!!!


  2. Your industriousness is truly mind-boggling, so I reckon you’ve earned yourself a break at this point. Enjoy the summer, Melissa! And I’ll take this opportunity to catch up with everything I’ve missed over the last couple of weeks!

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