Episode 20: Making Connections

Can you believe we’re at Episode 20?? Love it! Thank you all for making this cast such a wonderful community 🙂 This week, I talk about my Andeljus Socks–a finished test knit for Anna of the Dunkelgrün Podcast; a new brioche project, the RebelTwo Shawl by Lesley Anne Robinson of Kit Graffiti. Plus, I announce a DPN giveaway for the KNIT TOGETHER PROJECT. Thanks for stopping by to hang out with me and chatter about all things knit!

**To enter the GIVEAWAY, leave a comment HERE or on the YOUTUBE Podcast #20**

Show Notes

–Andeljus Socks by Anna Dunkebunt

–Dunkelgrün Podcast

–RebelTwo Shawl

–Explorations in Brioche (Nancy Marchant) on CRAFTSY

–Norfolk Horned Sheep

Old Crow Art Yarns

CrawCrafts Beasties

KNIT TOGETHER PROJECT – – won’t you join us??


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7 Responses to Episode 20: Making Connections

  1. metaspencer says:

    Always great!

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  2. Wonderful episode, Melissa. The socks look absolutely plush, soft, and luxurious, and I really like the colours you’ve chosen for the mosaic heel. 🙂 And what you describe about brioche knitting is how I continue to approach (and feel about) colour work – working intuitively at the beginning, and building on what I know. You’ve chosen a beautiful shawl, and its beginnings are looking great. I’m looking forward to following along with more tales and discoveries on the brioche high seas! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Shirley! It was a trip, that’s for sure! I’m not sure how much more brioche I’ll do, but I love, love, love the learning process! My brain always feels better when I am struggling to figure something out–it’s good exercise, I suppose!

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  3. Best line of the series so far – “Ok, pretend I have a foot on my arm”! 😂 Well, it made me laugh anyway. So much cool stuff in here – new socks (with new toes), and I’m excited to see where your adventures in brioche take you! I’m also wondering if maybe your mystery sheep are cross-breeds, and that’s why they’re eluding classification?
    And last but not least… Thank you for the shout out, and for showing off the shiny new BeastieBlog! 🤗 The Beasties and I are super-grateful for your support, and I can’t wait to get cracking on my blanket square 😀

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