Postcards from NYC

Hello my dears! I’m back in Illinois . . . and it’s not quite as hot and humid as I feared! We’ve been busy getting the house–and our lives–back in order for the semester ahead. Phew! I am teaching three classes this term (one more than usual) and my syllabi are (thankfully) just about prepped! Wish me luck! For those of you who want to know: I’m teaching “Science Fiction,” “Speculative Futures,” and “Body, Culture, Society” — three of my favorites 🙂


Before we left NY state, we had one last hurrah: my son has been asking to visit NYC and so, we took a couple of days to see the sights  shop. Yep, my kiddo fell about as far from the tree as one can fall on that score. I am not a clothes horse or much of a shopper, but this boy of mine, well, he can shop ’til way past bedtime. He found sneakers galore, and shirts, and department stores to explore. I snuck in a quick trip to Mood (“Oh look, we happen to be in the garment district, honey; let’s just pop in here for a quick moment.”) While there, we did see Swatch the Bulldog, which was a real treat! and I scored some long-sought buttons for my Aileas sweaters! We stayed in a Pod hotel with bunkbeds (what fun!) and I brought along my RebelTwo Shawl to pass the eve and morn in the room. Enjoy the photos and I’ll talk to you on next weekend’s podcast about all of the knitting goodness I’ve found out there in the world!



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10 Responses to Postcards from NYC

  1. Eliot says:

    Love the Pods! Perfect lodgings for the busy NYC sightseeing (shopping) trip! We stayed Midtown–awesome location!

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  2. metaspencer says:

    Love those photos!

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  3. Cheryl Dambrowski says:

    Great City trip! Isn’t it funny how far from the tree our kids can fall? I am sure it was exciting for your son.

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  4. Happy to hear you found the long sought-after buttons and had some fun exploring NYC. All best with your classes and new semester, Melissa! Wishing you a smooth start – the courses sound lots of fun. 🙂

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  5. Hahaha! I like how you were able to steer that shipping trip around to take in a crafty venue too! I’m looking forward to hearing about all your finds. Good luck with your course prep – they all sound super interesting!

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    • And he was so patient in Mood. I think it was the sweet bulldog and all of the muffling fabrics. He even came home saying he wanted to learn to sew. Now . . . if only that was a craft i knew something about! At least my husband has some sewing chops! Happy Monday to you, Helen!


  6. madgeface says:

    I’m glad you had a great trip! My middle kid is a shopper and clothes horse, too, and like you, neither my husband nor I are into that – I love that he’s his own person but man, I hate shopping. The courses you’re teaching sound really interesting; I wish I could sit in on them – perhaps I should look into classes I could take here.

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    • Hey Mandy! Oh good, I’m not alone in this, then! I’m not a great shopper, but I tried to maintain lots of patience and appreciation for the young man he is becoming. Such interests these kids have! And yes to classes! I keep wanting to sit on on some myself and need to make the time!

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