It’s Time to Come Back Home

Hello blogger world. I’m back. It’s the end of my summer and the beginning of a new academic year and I am ready to dust off the blog and get to some writing. You all have given me so much to think about these past months. So here we go: Home.


First, the Knit Together Project has already brought so many new crafters and makers into my life. THANK YOU!! to everyone who has dropped me an email or a PM on Ravelry. We now have a thread in our Ravelry group for posting about the project and gathering together as a blanket-knitting community. My oldest blogging friends and inspirations have made some beautiful squares: I’m looking at you Shirley (of Handmade Habit) and Mandy (of The Little Golden Notebook)! And some of my newest podcasting / blogging buddies are also contributing: Tommi (of Squirrel Pie Productions), Rachel (of TreeHouse Knits), and who could overlook Helen (of Crawcraft Beasties)! Much ❤ to all of you! I can’t wait to share the stories behind these and many, many other squares on the podcast–keep them coming!!

The summer has also given me the opportunity to reflect on what I like to make and why I knit more in Illinois than in New York . . . turns out my crafting is partially about being in a place that is isolated from family (and card games with my dad and Jean almost every night!) and filled with work commitments. More on that soon . . .

I learned a new skill, even while on the move, via a Craftsy class and some long, hard, practice. Brioche is mine! And I have a beautiful RebelTwo shawl to prove it!


And I came back to some lovely club yarns from Megan Morrell of Old Crow Art Yarns 🙂 Yummy! This one is called “Jaws!”!


And, boy oh, boy, I will tell you that I have had some time to reflect on the state of my–let’s be honest–too massive stash of yarn and fiber. It turns out that having to move bins and bins of stash up and down stairs to air conditioned spaces will help you gauge just how much you have. So, there is bound to be some targeted crafting, gifting, and selling in the next couple of months.

And, finally, the summer of travel has reminded me just how nice it is to come back home. To wallow in some yarn I had forgotten about, to wind up some new handspun, and to see my guild-mate friends and share some stories. Home. Ahhhh.

Has the summer led to any revelations for you? I’d love to know!


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8 Responses to It’s Time to Come Back Home

  1. Mary Giger says:

    I’m glad you had fun with your dad over break but also glad to have you back on the blog! I love your rebel two shawl. I never much like brioche but I love this and you always make things look so possible even for a newer knitter!

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  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful home. And the brioche shawl is so awesome and lovely. I love all the details and texture. Bravo on another gorgeous knit and on a new skill set! 🙂 I have heard that brioche knits are warmer, too? Welcome back. 🙂

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  3. Welcome home, Melissa! I’m afraid I’ve been a little remiss with my blog-reading lately (it’s been an eventful summer for me, too, and I’m wondering where all the time went!) but I’m looking forward to getting caught up with your news now. I LOVE that Jaws colourway, by the way! What did you make with it, or is it still a WIP?

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    • Howdy, Helen! I’m catching up too!! Too much teaching is keeping me away from my social media 😉 I have not made anything with JAWS yet, I pretty much just pet it and admire the colors! Any ideas what to make with such a sock blank? I’m open to suggestions!


      • Waaaaaiiiit a second – dumb question here, but is it not knitted up already? Or is that a photo from the dyer showing what it might look like when you make something with it? The crimson splodges would make for some great accessories to make you the belle of the Hallowe’en ball… How about a hat, scarf or set of handwarmers? Something simple that makes the dye pattern the star would be awesome!

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      • Yes. all knitted up . . . in a sock blank. And it’s oh so lovely and interesting . . . needing to find just the right pattern to do it justice 🙂


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