Weekend Eye Candy

Or . . . I finally took some photos! Here are Ella and RebelTwo. Your Weekend eye candy!

More info and some more photos are available on my project pages 🙂

IMG_6308 (1)IMG_6310 (1)IMG_6317 (1)IMG_6321 (1)IMG_6334 (1)IMG_6345 (1)IMG_6354 (1)


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7 Responses to Weekend Eye Candy

  1. madgeface says:

    They turned out beautifully!

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  2. Lanehampton says:

    I’m enamored. They are both wonderful! How inspiring.

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  3. Oh wow, both are gorgeous!! Love the cardigan, it’s stunning. And that brioche shawl!

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  4. AWESOME! Your Ella drapes so beautifully, and I love the pattern on the Rebel 2. I bet you can’t wait for sweater weather to kick in!


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