Spinzilla 2017 is Upon Us!


Registration is now open for the funnest (is that finally a word??) fiber event out there–Spinzilla! I’m on team ‘Shuttles Spinners’–sponsored by my favorite Boulder, CO yarn shop, Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins. It’s a fun, festive week of spinners coming together to support a great cause. I am a relatively new spinner (I started in 2015), but even I was able to find the time to spin over a mile of yarn last year! Many participants spun MORE or LESS . . . it’s just fun. So won’t you join us??

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7 Responses to Spinzilla 2017 is Upon Us!

  1. madgeface says:

    I think I’m going to try Spinzilla this year; I’ve never participated though I’ve been spinning for 7 years. It sounds like fun!

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    • Did you take the plunge, Mandy??

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      • madgeface says:

        I did! I joined Team Spin Off, mainly because the indie dyer-sponsored teams had requirements to spin mostly their fiber and I would rather spin down some of my stash. Or at least that’s what I told myself before buying all the fiber in Pigeon Roof Studio’s etsy store. 😛

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      • Ahhhh, yes. Some have requirements . . . I bet your team will be fun and awesome! I’m waiting to hear from my team’s fearless leader. Sometimes these groups take a bit to get started. I am sooo looking forward to having one more excuse to spin as much as possible 🙂 So glad you joined up!!


  2. Hahaha! Great graphic! 😂 I’m tempted, but if I take up spinning again I’ll probably have to sacrifice something else… Hmmm, do I REALLY need to sleep? 🤔

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    • LOL! Oh, sleep! It’s overrated . . . or so I used to think. Now I am a 10:00pm bed-timer (most nights), though when left to my own devices, I’m a night owl and love to sleep in 🙂 As for Spinzilla–yeah! come on in, the water’s fine! The graphic (which I love, too) was made by my husband last year when I got involved–he saw quite a bit of humor in the whole thing!


      • Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has taken to retiring early… I’m sure my 25-year-old self would find my sensible bed-times quite embarrassing! It’s nice to know that this event exists… Maybe next year, when I don’t have to be Knitzilla 24-7! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else makes though 😀

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