Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

Please excuse my radio silence this weekend–I know, it’s unusual for me! I have a good excuse: I was hanging out with the sheep and the herding dogs and the miles of fleece at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival! I’ll add some video to the end of this week’s podcast so you can experience the excellent atmosphere; but in the meantime, I had to share a few fun photos!

Spencer and I drove up to WI on Saturday; I went to the festival and he went . . . fishing on the Rock river! Here we are in the parking lot excited about our solo adventures. I will say that as excited as I was to have all the time in the world at the festival, I was also wishing I could have shared it with Spencer. Ahh, but he had the same feeing about fishing! We’ll have to go halvsies next time!


This was my first full-event festival: sheep showing, sheep shearing, dog trials, fleece show and judging, etc etc. I have heard that some festivals can have the same old flks at the vendor fair, but this “Country Store” struck me as pretty novel and interesting. I saw some of the same culprits as at the Indiana Fiber Fest, but I also met some new fiber folk. I spoke with Carl of Bijou Basin Ranch for about an hour and loved every Yak-related story he shared. It was marvelous and I would totally go again!


Some of the funnier highlights include: the ATM trailer, alpaca poop in a bag, and glow in the dark fiber! Onward to the next festival!



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11 Responses to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

  1. Debbie says:

    So, what did you buy? I want to see it!

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  2. Mary G says:

    Yes, I’d like to see what you bought too!
    I’m going to start saving my money so I can go maybe next year!

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  3. madgeface says:

    I’d also like to see what you came away with, and also huff & feel all those fleece.

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  4. Arlene Ehrlinspiel says:

    Are we going to see video of everything and what you purchased please?

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  5. Yikes! It’s been aaaaages since I checked in with the blog! Sorry about that… Ooooh, so much good stuff in here! I kinda love the needle-felted (I assume) ponies and the alpaca poop made me laugh out loud. Seriously though, is there nothing those critters can’t do? I’m this close to (al)packing it all in and becoming an alpaca farmer!

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