Ready for Spinzilla!

I cleaned my wheel. I cleared my bobbins. I gathered and sorted my fiber. I am ready.

This year, I’ll be spinning a gradient (and chain plying it); I have 5oz of Finn and 2.5oz of Polypay (all white) to spin and 3-ply together. And, some CVM that I hand combed from one of Aniroonz beautiful fleece gifted to be by Jennifer Guyer. If I manage to finish all of that . . . well, there are plenty of other braids in the bucket . . . so don’t you worry about me! Here is a bit of the ends and odds that I pulled off my bobbins: some Knitting in France and Aloha Blu fibers that I adored spinning. Ahhh, a fresh start for Monday!Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 6.57.43 PM.png

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