Episode 24: Expertise

Welcome fiber folk! Episode 24 is now live and I have a lot to share with you about the Knit Together Project, Spinzilla, an FO, and Spencer’s sweater–at long last there is a swatch! Come hang out with me for a while and we’ll have some fun. Oh, and yeah, that Podversary of mine is coming up . . . and that means GIVEAWAYS!!


Show Notes:

Linus Shawl by Annette Cordes

Dinali by Norah Gaughan

Snaeldan Yarn available from The Island Wool Company



Kate of the Hawthorn Cottage Craft Podcast

CU Spinners and Weavers Guild

Jacey Boggs Faulkner Drafting: From Woolen to Worsted

Spinning a Gradient Yarn

Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

Rachel Smith Wool n Spinning Podcast

Learn to Spin

Spinning Wool: Beyond the Basics

Fruity Knitting Podcast (Episode 39 is the one I discuss)

Paradise Fibers




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