How to Make: Puni-Style Rolags

**If you are looking for info about the GIVEAWAY, check out this link or Episode 24 on Youtube**

For this weekend’s video, I have a how-to! In this video I demonstrate one technique for making puni-style rolags with a pair of hand cards. There are so many ways to use hand cards for fiber prep and so many great tutorials out there. Cheers to all who have come before me! In my own research, I have learned from the following folks:

  • Gormet Stash provides an excellent explanation of the difference between Punis, Rolags, and Puni-Style Rolags.
  • Yarn Lab has an informative video about how to make rainbow rolags
  • Grace Shalom Hopkins has a terrific demo up about how to spin rolags
  • Rogue Fibers has a cool Teach it Tuesdays video about locks–>rolags

The fiber for this demo was generously donated by Paradise Fibers from their fiber of the month club box. If you want to get your own box, check them out!

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