Episode 28: Knits and Tinks!

Episode 28 features another SPECIAL GUEST! Tink the puppy!

I have a finished spin for you and modification notes on Spencer’s Denali sweater; some announcements about collaborations and giveaways with LBHandKnits; and a start to our Re-Make Sweater Project! Plus, I announce the GIVEAWAY winners for the 4oz Challenge. Come hang with me and TINK!

FO: SewPerfectPurls Spin
WIP: Denali Sweater
Correspondance: LBHand Knits
Project: Re-Make along
Long Term Projects: 4oz Challenge and KTP


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2 Responses to Episode 28: Knits and Tinks!

  1. I love how that skein spun up. That light-catching sheen from the bamboo is lovely and it looks soft but sturdy – it’s one of my favourite fibers to knit up. Amazing work on the cable sweater, too. The pattern looks really complex and gorgeous (my eyes love all of those cables!). Bravo on braving the mods. The details you’ve added are fascinating to listen to, and I look forward to the next leg (sleeve?) of the project! And my heart is warmed by Tink the sleepy puppy! Congrats on this new member of the family. ❤ Happy Holidays. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Shirley! Tink is a wonderful handful right now–lots of time at the dog park and out on walks, which is perfect for Spencer and me 🙂 Thanks for all of your kind words about the sweater! I am happy to have it all seamed up and off the needles!!


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