Re-Make-Along 2018: The Better Sweater

Hello fibery folk!


As promised on Episode 28 of the podcast . . . we are ready to hit the ground running in 2018 with a Re-Make-Along Project!

The Great Idea: We all have a sweater (or four) that we picked up from a big box store, a thrift shop, or our granny’s basement . . . we love something about it, but there is also something left to be desired: it doesn’t totally fit us, it’s falling apart, or it’s made from some strange acrylic brew. So, let’s Re-Make these gems into something we love!

The Project: Choose a sweater and post a picture in our Ravelry group. I’ve opened up a thread for you to get things started. Here, we’ll discuss what we like, what we hate, and HOW we’re going to make the big change in 2018!

The Process: Beginning in January and then each month of 2018, I’ll post a video about how to Re-Make a sweater. I’ll use one from my own shelves and, hopefully, by the end of the process I’ll have created a step-by-step how to via YouTube. I’ll be taking comments and suggestions, ideas, and questions! We’ll make this happen together!

What about You? You can follow along, work at your own pace, offer suggestions and/or post sister videos about your own process! We’ll have a blast learning from each other. And in the end, we’ll all have a better sweater!

**Anyone can join in at any point in 2018. We’ll surely have some prizes along the way for progress and I’ll do a giveaway at the end of next year for anyone who has finished a garment 🙂

Won’t you join us?

❤ xxoo



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4 Responses to Re-Make-Along 2018: The Better Sweater

  1. knettycraft says:

    That sounds good! I’m not sure I have a sweater which can be ripped… bit I’ll look if I find one.

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  2. AJ says:

    This sounds so cool! I have taken apart about fifty of my grandmother’s knit sweaters and have used three of the yarns so far to make my own sweaters. I love being able to recycle yarn!

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