Indie Dyer: Dyenamixx Yarns

I am so happy to introduce you all to Marce and Adachi today! They are the mom and daughter dyeing duo behind Dyenamixx Yarns ❤ I met Marce through YouTube and IG–she is a fellow podcaster (Hey BrownBerry)–and we got to talking about yarns and crafting. She is often on the go, but manages to fit it all in–and I have to tell you, I love that spirit and thought it would resonate with so many of you. When we started talking blogspot, I knew we had to get both Marce and Adachi in on it, and they were so kind to oblige! The interview below is from both of their perspectives (you can see who’s answering in the [ ] a the beginning of the line). Both have been working on some beautiful natural dyed yarns, as well as some acid dyed colorways, all of which are available in their shop. AND!!! They are sponsoring a podcast giveaway next month!! So, stay tuned to the podcast! I can’t wait to share their beautiful natural dyes with you all! Enjoy the interview and head over to their Etsy shop to check out what’s new!

raw honeyMikaMountain Mistunicorn partywilderness collection

Where did the inspiration for Dyenamixx Yarns come from?

[Adachi] The idea for our shop came from an instant love of yarn dyeing after trying it as a fun at-home experiment with some Cascade yarn and a Greener Shades dye kit Mommy (Marce) bought from KnitPicks. We saw so many beautiful, original yarns being created by people in our Instagram feeds, and wanted to try the experience for ourselves. Doing it together was a really fun experience, so we thought expanding it by turning it into a business would be fun too. Mommy thought it would be a good way to learn how to turn a hobby into something more public. The name of our shop, Dyenamixx came from the fact that Adachi would refer to us as a “dynamic duo” when we dyed together. The two x’s on the end are two kisses 🙂

What has been your favorite creation to date?

[Marce] It was a great experience to go back through our Etsy shop and look at what we’ve dyed over time.

[Adachi] We picked “What Dreams Are Made Of”

This yarn was dyed on our CashLux (alpaca/cashmere) gray base.  The yarn was true luxury as is, but putting our own dreamy colorful spin on it really brought it to life.  Still a favorite – we’re oooo’ing and aahhh’ing over the pictures all over again.

Who are your biggest crafting influences/inspirations?

[Adachi] Mommy.  She’s very spontaneous with her color play. I happen to be more planned and structured about how I do color. Things in our yard inspire my color combinations pretty often.

[Marce] Adachi inspires me with her courage.  She is definitely more creative than she realizes, and the way she approaches the “business” part of our business motivates me as well.  It was hard for both of us at the start to get into the administrative pieces of an online shop, but she has really taken it on and that pushes me forward.  I take color inspiration from things around me; mostly natural/outdoor themes and fabric patterning.

Can you tell us a little more about your natural dyeing practice–especially the colorway “raw honey”!?

[Marce] Natural dyeing inspiration came from watching some of my favorite Knit Celebs try this technique.  People like Maria of Ninja Chickens and Tammy from Wing and Prayer Farm are some of my favorite wool women. The idea that plant materials are ancient and reusable really appeals to me.  Raw Honey is part of our recent Wilderness Collection, which we started as a way to move toward more sustainable natural practices in our dyeing. This colorway was naturally dyed in simmered croton leaves from our front yard and we added some pomegranate to brighten the color.  The resulting color reminds us of honeycombs and raw honey.

Any advice for young or beginning dyers?

[Adachi] I had to think about this one . . . I would say “less is more” with dyeing.  Resist the urge to add more and more color. Also, work with colors that you already enjoy and yarns that you already enjoy, that will make the process smoother in the beginning when you’re trying to figure out what dyeing methods and techniques you like and want to repeat. On that note, too, try a lot of different methods to find what works best for the colors you want to achieve and for the equipment you have. We have tried hand painting, kettle dyeing, using the microwave, baking yarn in the sun, and more.  Experiment! As with any business, try to find things that are new and different (like our offer of non-superwash yarns), while still accounting for things that seem to sell well.

Where can folks find your shop? or find out more about you?

[Marce] As Dyenamixx we hang out on:

We love to interact on social media, so we hope you’ll come by.  To see our yarns “in the wild”, check out the hashtag #dyenamixxyarns on Instagram.

What’s new on the horizon for your shop?

[Adachi] We are progressing toward a fully natural offering in the shop. For us that means non-superwash yarns dyed with natural materials. We’ll still use acid dyes until they are done (waste not, want not!) and continue perfecting our natural dyeing techniques.  We are also interested in trying new dyes like madder, indigo, cochineal for vibrant colors.

[Marce] We are currently looking at new yarn bases that are not just merino.  During my travels this year, I’ll be sampling other fiber bases for us to begin carrying in the shop.

* * *

Thanks so much, Marce and Adachi!

I love meeting new people (and sheep!): if you are an indie dyer, a hand spinner, a shepherdess, a small flock owner, a mill operator, or a wool trader, I would love to feature your work on this site. Please get in touch via email or Ravelry by clicking the “About” tab (above)

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  1. Great interview, Melissa. I really enjoyed their thoughts and advice on dyeing. This sounds like a true creative partnership! ❤

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