Spencer’s Denali Sweater

**If you are looking for the Dynamixx yarn GIVEAWAY, click here! You can also leave a comment in the Dynamixx Ravelry thread!


If you’re interested in more of the details, you can read about them on my Ravelry Project Page and, as promised, there will soon be a post about fixing a mis-crossed cable!


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11 Responses to Spencer’s Denali Sweater

  1. metaspencer says:

    Absolutely love it. Thank you!

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  2. AJ says:

    It’s a gorgeous sweater!

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  3. This sweater is absolutely terrific! What beautifully stunning cables. It’s also a perfect fit! A big bravo, Melissa! 😀

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  4. Arlene says:

    Your knitting is amazing! May I ask how long you have been knitting? You have probably mentioned it before, but I missed it. I am only starting to do simple cable work, hope to match your work someday.

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    • Hi Arlene! I started as a child, but picked it back up in 2012–so a few years now of daily practice 🙂 Thanks for your kind words! Starting small and working up is the way to go. My first cables were with Carol Feller in her Craftsy class and she was such a wonderful teacher!


  5. Knit Potion says:

    Absolutely glorious!!!!!

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