Fixing a Mis-Crossed Cable Without Ripping Stitches!

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Well, that’s a mouthful of a blogpost title, eh?? But it’s true! I discuss this problem and my fix for it on Episode 30 of the knittingthestash Podcast, but I wanted to document it here for anyone who finds themselves with a mis-crossed cable of their own!

First, don’t despair! You may not need to rip out all of the seams or even all of your cable work. I have a hack that may just fix your sweater and save you a lot of tears . . .

As many of you know, I just finished up a Denali sweater for Spencer–it’s a complex, all-over cable sweater that’s knit flat and seamed at the end. I loved the process and checked my cables often . . . but I missed a big error! Right on the front panel! Ahhhhh! Can you see it below? HINT: Look right below Spencer’s left shoulder (where his heart is)



Instead of unseaming and ripping out an entire panel, I decided to go for a patch! Yep, I was feeling very much like a hacker and  . . . well, it worked! The specs are below for anyone interested!


So, here is the basic principle I used for repairing a mis-crossed cable: I needed a piece of fabric that would look like one of the cables. This was my recipe:

  • I cast on the same # of stitches as the cables on the sweater (in this case, 5)
  • I knit the number of rows before the typical cross (as listed in the pattern) adding 1-2 extra rows so that I would have enough fabric to tuck in the ends of the patch
  • At the cross point, I decreased by 2 stitches to give it that “pinched in” look of the other cables and then immediately increases by 2 stitches to allow the cable to lay flat again
  • I then knit the number of rows after the typical cross (as listed in the pattern) adding 1-2 extra rows so that I would have enough fabric to tuck in the ends of the patch
  • I tucked in the ends of the cable patch and tacked them down carefully, so as to not pucker the fabric any more; then I lightly tacked down the rest of the patch so that it would lay flat and look integrated.

I hope this hack saves someone else from a moment of panic!


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7 Responses to Fixing a Mis-Crossed Cable Without Ripping Stitches!

  1. Brilliant! I would have cut and tried to re-knit….this way is much better on every level!!!

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  2. SusanK says:

    Excellent tip! And the result is perfect. You’d never know there had been an error.

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  3. Knitting genius! You know, I could barely make out the mis-crossed cable until you pointed it out. Your cable-hack worked super well; it blends in perfectly. 🙂

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  4. Kephren says:

    I thought you were going to cut and re-knit the cable, I never thought of a patch! That seems like a much less stressful option.

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  5. Clare Little says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I had knitted a neck down jumper with cables down the centre of sleeve. To my horror when I had finished the whole thing. I noticed two missed cables on the sleeve in the yoke area. Must have been because there were so many stitches on the circular needle at the time that I missed it. Anyway I wouldn’t even begin to CUT and try to repair. I am not that confident or brave. And the thought of having to undo the whole jumper was just too much. So to Google I went hoping for some miracle and there you were.
    Thanks again. Regards Clare.

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