Camouflage Knitting

Just checking in folks . . . have you all seen the Guardian article on camouflage knitting? You can check out the full article here–complete with great photos!

But you may also want to visit the awesome website of the knitter in question, Nina Dodd, who is also known as the Duke of Woolington. Yes. For actual real. I ❤ her already.

What’s so cool about this? Oh my, the hours and hours of knitting and planning to create a single effect? The strangeness of the commissioned projects? The question of what will Nina knit next? Sometimes, I think we knitters can get caught up in garments or techniques or community building . . . but there is also this: FUN and WEIRD and STRANGE all wrapped up in knitted fabric. Lovely.

I so badly want to share some of the images . . . but I’ll leave it to you to take the leap and have some fun checking out Nina’s work and Joseph Ford’s excellent photographs of the knitted objects, people, and landscape 🙂

How do you find the cool knitters of the world?

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6 Responses to Camouflage Knitting

  1. Leslie H says:

    So cool. Thanks for sending.

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  2. Murray & Sheila Peters says:

    Thanks for sharing. Such a lot of work.

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  3. Chelsea Dawn says:

    Thanks for sharing! Those camouflage knit photos are amazing!

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  4. Susan Crosby says:

    I admired you first for your quality videos, then for your gift of clear articulation, then your fiber art skills. Now I’m in further awe of the newest book you wrote. So glad I found you while searching for fleece washing instructions.

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    • Wow! Thanks so much, Susan! This comment means the world to me 🙂 I started this whole thing to have some fun and keep a record, but it’s meeting all of you fine fiber folks that keeps me going!


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