Sand Shawl Modification

Hi everyone! And good morning!

As promised (and with the designer’s permission), I have some modifications to share for the Sand Shawl by Kephren Pritchett! The shawl is a beautiful triangular shape with an undulating border and open lace work at the center. I knit up the small size and it’s perfect as a scarf/wrap around my neck on cold days! I love the way that the lace opens up and the MadTosh I used is a perfect yarn for this pattern–so soft and with a beautiful drape!

The main modification I made was to the border: instead of using Kephren’s beautiful i-cord border (which I feared I would snag and pull), I continued the undulating border around the second edge. Here’s how I did it:

Once you reach the end of the pattern for your desired size, you would normally begin by knitting back across on a WS row to work the bind off and i-cord. Instead, I worked my WS row only across the 5 edge stitches (including knitting the last YO from the RS) and then turned my work.


On the next RS row, I worked the same 5 stitches ONLY (including the creation of the YO) and then turned my work again. You can see the effect in the “added stitches” portion of the image above.

I repeated these two rows until I had 15 stitches (enough for the full border) on my last WS row–this took about 21 actual rows of knitting to accomplish, counting both WS and RS rows.

Then, I began working across the full 15 border stitches on a RS row, beginning with Row 18 of the border chart. On my WS rows, I would SSK the final border stitch with one of the live stitches left on my needles. I chose to knit these stitches 1 for 1, which creates a bit of a ribbon-y border. If you want a tighter, straighter border for this edge, you’ll need to SSK with more than 1-1. You might do a SSSK every other WS row, for example.

At the very end of the new border, I used an i-cord bind off to create a finished edge for those 15 border stitches.

And, voila! A new border for your Sand Shawl! I would be happy to field any questions about the modification! Kephren did a beautiful job with this pattern and I can’t wait to knit another of her shawls 🙂

F7EE5A1B-3320-4596-ADEC-095657A8BDB6 (1)

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3 Responses to Sand Shawl Modification

  1. metaspencer says:

    OOOO, diagrams with arrows and stuff! I love how you visualize these modifications. Nice job!


  2. Knit Potion says:

    I love it! Thank you for sharing the details!! 🙂


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