Episode 39: Going Pro?

Hello Yarn-istas! Episode 39 is up and ready to keep you company 🙂

As you requested . . . Spencer is back!! He joins me to talk about going pro with hobbies and other loved activities. Plus, my Frozen Silver is finished–and it’s taken on a different form then when you last saw it! I used some KnitCrate yarn for the base and supplemented with some plain white for the slip-stitch sections. I have some news on the Better Sweater Series and a GIVEAWAY!**

**Giveaway: A free pattern of your choice from Ravelry (up to $10 value)! To enter: leave a comment here, on the blogpost, or in the Ravelry thread about “Going Pro”! Giveaway will close on 7/22/18; winner by random number generator.



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5 Responses to Episode 39: Going Pro?

  1. metaspencer says:

    That was fun! It got me thinking a lot … thanks!


  2. A very timely episode regarding “going professional” as I am on the brink of leaving a full-time job and hoping to sort out a few different streams of income including, hopefully, earning some money from knitting. My mind is buzzing with ideas and thoughts about alternatives to working in an office day in, day out. Love the show and agree with Spencer about how professional your output is.

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  3. Valerie Calderon says:

    Going Pro? I love everything about fiber – but I do not have enough time outside of my job. My dream is to stay home and live off the land and do ALL the things I like to do – cooking, canning, spinning, knitting, gardening, and visiting with community! So going pro at this time doesn’t look like it is the cards for me at this time……maybe when I retire!

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  4. Amy says:

    Thank you very much for your podcasts. How do you find the time to knit and spin, and do all that scholarship? You must be very well disciplined. Do you set aside certain hours for writing, knitting, and spinning each day? I am just amazed at all that you do. You are an inspiration!


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    • Thanks, Amy! Clearly I don’t excel at responding to comments in a timely way! LOL! It’s a balancing act, that’s for sure and sometimes I don’t sleep as much as I should. But I love fitting in the knitting–it’s essential!


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