KnitCrate July Surprises!

As you all know, the folks at KnitCrate have offered to send me some of their subscription boxes for review. I’ve been posting about them at intervals here and discussing them on the blog–just a few posts ago, I showed off an FO I made with some of their beautiful sock yarn! And remember, because I’m a reviewer, it means you all get a 20% discount if you use this code on their site: KTS20 🙂

First up is the Sock Crate: I’m not usually into greens (unless they are from Megan Morrell of Old Crow Art Yarns), but this modern primary green was pretty cool. The tricky think about this skein is that it’s dyed so that the knitter can achieve contrasting cuffs and heels! Fabulous! The Uru Yarn is a KnitCrate house blend that’s very soft.


And in the Artisan Crate? Oh my goodless! Two skeins of Shalimar Yarns in gorious blues and purples (my favorite!). These skeins are destined for a multi-skein project: a fingering weight sweater that calls for some variegated yarn. More on that in the coming year, I hope! For now, I’ll leave you with the skeins in all of their glory. . .



If you are interested in trying out KnitCrate‘s subscription boxes, don’t forget to take your discount code with you over to their site! KTS20

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