Episode 40: A June Cashmere Yarn Story

Hello happy fiber folk! I have a fun-filled episode for you all about cashmere–and June Cashmere in particular. I am fortunate enough to be doing some sample knitting for their fall line and became really interested in the story behind the yarn. So, I spoke to Amy Swanson, the US Operations Manager a bit more about the company’s origins, mission, and goals. Plus, I did some fun research . . . and I’m including some of the links below in case you want to learn more about where this cashmere yarn comes from!

I’m also happy to be chatting about my FO Phoenix Sweater–THANK YOU test knitters!!–a test knit for LB Handknits, and a WIP: the East Neuk Hoodie by Kristen Orme. Won’t you join me for a half hour of fun?




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1 Response to Episode 40: A June Cashmere Yarn Story

  1. metaspencer says:

    love the colors of that batch of yarnz!


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