Episode 44: Picking (Good) Patterns

Hello everyone! Welcome to the weekend 🙂 Episode 44 is now up on YouTube and I’m so excited to announce a giveaway from the Woolly Thistle–one of my favorite places to buy knitting related books and magazines, and, of course, yarn from around the world. In this episode, I spend some time talking about tips and tricks that may help you choose good patterns from the sea of infinite options. I also have two FOs: another Vary the Gate and an East Neuk Hoodie! Plus, Sarah Anderson visited our guild and  . . . have you seen Jenice Hope’s latest colorwork blanket?? Show notes are below with lots of links!

Looking forward to catching up with all of you!



Corinne Claire of the Woolly Thistle has sent a lovely giveaway package for me to share … and I want to select 3 — yes 3!–winners! To enter, please comment here, on the blog, or on YouTube Episode 44 answering the following question:

What is your favorite yarn from Corinne’s shop? OR what would you like to see her import next? Is there a hard-to-find-yarn out there in the world that you simply must have? https://www.thewoollythistle.com/

I’ll close all of the threads and choose 3 winners in two weeks time. Two winners will win a pack of yarn and a Woolly Thistle Pin and 1 winner will win a beautiful Woolly Thistle tote! Good luck!



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17 Responses to Episode 44: Picking (Good) Patterns

  1. The Black Elephant merino yarns are gorgeous!

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  2. So hard to choose a favorite. I’ll go with Blacker Yarns. I love the wool/mohair blend for socks!

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  3. Mary Giger says:

    I’ve only ordered books from TWT so far but since am smitten by the new West Yorkshire Spinners Christmas special sock yarn in Fairy Lights.

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  4. Tracy Robbins says:

    Ooh, after watching the interview on fruity knitting, I was excited to see the hebridean.

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  5. marris116 says:

    Black Elephant looks amazing! I think I need to try that!

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  6. metaspencer says:

    Glad to see you doing it!

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  7. What a great podcast! I am particular about patterns because a poorly written one does such damage to so many knitters! AND a great pattern just makes so many needles sing!!!!
    So many beautiful yarns but the Blacker Tamar Lustre blend is calling me!
    (I a a brave knitter and I love to hear of your exploits to make things uniquely yours-the sleeve adventure is a perfect example of that! )

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  8. Jackie Brewer says:

    Little Grey Sheep Hampshire DK is the yarn for me! Great colors, a weight I enjoy knitting, and the sheep are helping to restore the landscape. I especially enjoyed this episode because I have many unfinished projects due to not knowing how to pick good patterns, and your insights will help.

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  9. Nicky says:

    The Lopi and Blacker yarns do it for me, those are my absolute favourites in TWT.

    I love that the Wooly Thistle carries books from UK authors, it was easy to get This “Thing of Paper” from my favourite designer Karie Westermann from TWT. So I guess my recommendation is not more yarn — I think the shop already does a great job at importing hard to get ones — for me it would be more publications from across the pond.

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  10. Maggie Norris says:

    Ooo I have to try the Jamison and some of the other Scandinavian style yarns! I’m delving into improving my knitting with better yarns! 💕

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  11. Casey Feddersen says:

    I would love to try The Black Elephant sock yarns…the colors always catch my eye!

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  12. Kris says:

    I would love to have a US source for Asa Tricosa “Ziggurats” knitting book.

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  13. lynnecmcstoragenet says:

    I really like the Little Grey Sheep Hampshire DK!

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  14. Stephanie says:

    Hard to choose, but I like the Little Grey Sheep yarn.

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  15. Michelle says:

    Wow, I have never really looked at what the Woolly Thistle has to offer before, but there are so many yarns that I’ve heard of but never had the opportunity to try that I’m hesitant to suggest any more. Like many I was excited to see Blacker yarns, but I would also like to try John Arbon and the Tukuwool with nylon.

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  16. Anne anderson says:

    So many to pick from! I’m fairly new at knitting, only a year in, so I’m trying to learn all I can about different yarns. I love the colors of Little Gray sheep yarn. I have really enjoyed your blog/podcast! I’ve learned so much!

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  17. Gea says:

    I would love to see in the shop Myak yarn, born in Tibet and crafted in Italy. I just love this beautiful yarn,

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