Episode 45: Knitting Men!

Hello folks! It’s field trip time! We’re heading to the prison bus to talk to Metaspencer about knitting–men’s knitting patterns, men who knit, and some special hat designs! Then, it’s back to the yarn room for a couple of finished objects: LB Handknits’ Nordsee Jacke and the Phoenix Pullover pattern launch! I have giveaway winners to announce and a NEW GIVEAWAY from LB Handknits: her new collection, Facing North!

Come hang out with all of us–including Tink and Millie on the bus!

If you want to help out puppies and kittens, I’m donating all sales from Nov 2-10 of the Phoenix Pullover pattern to the Parke Vermillion Humane Society! You get a pattern, and some animals will get extra care!



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3 Responses to Episode 45: Knitting Men!

  1. Another really enjoyable episode, loved seeing around the bus and Spencer’s thoughts on knitting. Also love your Jacke – the shape is divine.

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  2. Sue says:

    So timely. I have been searching for patterns for men’s hats (my husband is supportive of spinning and knitting, but I always think it helps if I make something for him too!)

    I love your site because you are such a thoughtful, fantastic knitter and I have learned so much from your site (I have started knitting again this year, mostly because I started spinning)

    Spencer’s prison bus conversion is so impressive too! I wanted to see more of the interior so I went over to his site and was watching the episode where the air conditioner was leaking and Tink was licking the black liquid under the bus. You probably already know (but just in case) this but black walnuts can be toxic in dogs (neurologic).



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    • Oh my! Thanks for the tip about the black walnuts–I had no idea! We are always careful about grapefruit and chocolate and raisins, but I’ll add this to my–and Spencer’s list!! And thanks for your kind words 🙂 I love this space and community and the podcast just brings us all together. Lovely to meet you!!


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