2019 To Learn List!

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Thank you to everyone for a wonderful 2018! Through this community (and a little hard work) I’ve learned and experienced so much this past year! Much love to you all! In the spirit of lists-past and with an eye towards growing and changing and learning more, I present my 2019 To Learn list in all its promising glory:

  • Keep and fill a design journal
  • Launch my yarn label “Shorn” and intro my new logo
  • Design 1 hat and 2 sweaters –AND release the patterns!
  • Remember: less sample and test knitting and more pattern development
  • Host a podcast KAL for pattern modifications!
  • Gather and share local knitting book knowledge through the podcast
  • Increase the number and regularity of video tutorials offered
  • Revive the 1 Year 1 Blanket Tradition with 2(!!!) blankets:
    • Northeasterly Blanket
    • Knit Together Project
  • Compete in the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Sheep to Shawl for a 2nd time
  • Spin more . . .
  • Check out a yarn shop in every city I visit ( . . . if it has a yarn shop)
  • Meet more of you fiber folk out there in communities around the world

What’s on your list? Share a link or give us an update on your plans in the comments or over on the Ravelry group thread! Happy New Year to everyone!


Oh, and here is my 2018 list for good measure:

  • Design a sweater–yep, I said it out loud! DONE!
  • Meet more of you fiber folk out there in communities around the world DONE, and to be continued!
  • Cultivate the podcast offerings and add more video tutorials DONE, and to be continued!
  • Complete the Re-Make-Along with all of you!! DONE!
  • Work on a fun collaboration/test knit with LBHand Knits DONE!
  • Conquer the Geology shawl that thwarted me in the past — Sigh.
  • Continue the one year, one blanket tradition! I’m talking about you, Persian Dreams Blanket in a worsted weight! — 2 x blankets next year coming right up!
  • Become more adept at drop-spindling DONE!
  • Spin 1-2 braids/month on my Ladybug — Maybe next year?
  • Get my Matchless wheel tuned up and humming! — Maybe next year?
  • Check out a yarn shop in every city I visit ( . . . if it has a yarn shop) DONE, and to be continued!
  • Buy less random yarn and fiber–aim instead for sweater quantities of soulful wool! DONE, and to be continued!
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15 Responses to 2019 To Learn List!

  1. knettycraft says:

    That looks promising 😊 …. and a hurray for all the reached 2018 goals !!!! Please let me kno when you will visit Germany again!

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  2. metaspencer says:

    Great list and super inspiring!

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  3. Mary Giger says:

    Your own yarn label! How exciting! Looking forward to another informative year with KTS!

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  4. What an exciting list for 2019 – you’re in for a busy, but fun, year by the look of things. Good luck with the yarn launch. My plan is a “steady as she goes” year – increase the number of sweaters in my wardrobe, knit some new socks to replace the retiring ones. The cardigan I cast on for Christmas Eve is going great guns, despite me taking time away to knit my first ever pair of mittens and to finish the socks I was embroiled in.

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    • Oh so glad to hear your cardi is going well, Pamela! I completely agree that stead is the center of knitting progress! Every stitch and every project can be a learning experience. As you know, I’m off on a gauge mission at the moment. I’ve received some terrific advice and I’m so happy to have you and this community to lean on at times like these 🙂 Happy New Year!

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  5. Cheryl Dambrowski says:

    My plan is to learn new stitches for both knit and crochet and get out of my comfort zone. I hoped for a sweather in 2018 (sigh) but perhaps 2019 will be the year. Not enough time in life for all the fun.

    You have done a lot and have a lot to come…cannot wait to see your accomplishments. Thank you for all you do for us. Oh, do you ever sleep?? Lol

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    • hahah! Spencer makes sure we get out zzzzz’s as he is an early sleeper, but I do stay up late poking through Ravelry or finishing “one last row” . . . I love your plan and hope you get your sweater! Let me know which one you pick–I’d love to hear the details!


  6. Diana says:

    Your inspiration has hit once again! A list! Oh, how I love lists!
    My 2019 list:
    Learn the process of knitting 2 socks at a time on long circular needles.
    Knit or crochet a replacement blanket for my 14 year old granddaughter’s well love and used blankie.
    Help others learn – – – Begin a young ladies knitting class. Teach them to love fiber – needles – notions – and enjoy the process and creativity of knitting!

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  7. Oh wow, sounds like you have a busy year ahead! But since you crushed it in 2018, I already know that you’ll finish up 2019 with a whole raft of new skills under your belt! As for me, I want to get the Beasties out and about more, and to finally make good on my intentions to get the bulk of my market stock made early in the year! And I want to write up some of my favourite simple improvised patterns to share with my students in knitting class. Better hop to it, I suppose… Here’s to a knitty new year!

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    • Hello Helen! I am woefully behind on comments (couldn’t you tell!), but I saw yours and thought–ah ha! I have not spoken to Helen in a while! How are you? I have been enjoying all of the Beastie adventures, of course, and Spencer Beastie has a permanent place of honor on our craft room work table! Did you get your post holiday-rush break in?


      • Hey Melissa! Great to hear from you… I’m a bit behind on the blogging myself 😆 Been a busy start to the year alright, but I’ve managed to grab the odd slice of R&R occasionally! And it’s great to hear that Spencer Beastie is “helping” in the craft room 😁 What woolly adventures has 2019 held for you so far?

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