Episode 49: Books, KALs, and Nerdyness

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 49! I’ll admit to getting a little bit nerdy in this one: We’re talking about stitch dictionaries and charts, Lithuanian knitting, book reviews, and modification KALs for 2019. It’s pretty packed in here . . . oh, and a ski trip?? by buss?? to Colorado with my son’s high school friends?? . . . yeah, there’s that too. We also have a giveaway from Jen Arnall-Culliford that you don’t want to miss 🙂 Come hang a while? ~Melissa



And for anyone thinking and mulling over all of the emotional, political, and important issues of race, anti-racism, and inclusion happening out in the knitting world right now–I promise to share some thoughts in a future cast. My professor hat is on and I’m thinking hard about the most productive ways to discuss some of what’s at stake. In the meantime, I hope everyone feels welcome here and that we can continue to raise awareness, understanding, empathy, and inclusion in this community that I love so much.

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