Episode 51: Beekeepers and Walking Wheels

Episode 51 is jam-packed with an FO: Beekeeper Cardigan, shearing day at Seven Sisters Farm, a book about Great Wheels (Walking Wheels), a giveaway, and a test knit invitation! I hope you’re enjoying our book sharing and that you’ll join me for a Snowy Sunday afternoon! ~Melissa

If you’re interested in test knitting a hat for my brand new yarn clip, please email me at knittingthestash@gmail.com and let me know your Ravelry ID. I’ll pick 3-5 folks to help out! One skein, DK weight yarn, due by Feb 25!

Show Notes:

AND . . . If you’re feeling the KnitCrate love and want some excitement in your mailbox each month, you can Subscribe to KnitCrate via this link http://mbsy.co/lDCgM and use this Discount Code to get 20% Off: KTS20

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4 Responses to Episode 51: Beekeepers and Walking Wheels

  1. metaspencer says:

    Another great one. Way to go!

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  2. Lovely podcast. And that video clip at the end showing the shearing? That’s exactly how elegant I feel when I’m shaving my legs! Hope the snow was perfect for you.

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