Episode 55: Playbor + Knitting = ?

Hello lovelies! I found a tiny moment of zen for this cast–in the midst of sheep to shawl, sample knitting . . . and MOVING! Oh my! I can’t wait to tell you all about it! And the new Leelanau sweater sample that is *just* about to come off the needles for Wool and Honey (the yarn shop up in Michigan). Plus, a report on baby sheep (aka lambs), the Greencastle Fiber Event, and some fun chatting about playbor (play + labor). I’ll also announce the Making Stories Magazine giveaway winner!! Come hang a while?




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1 Response to Episode 55: Playbor + Knitting = ?

  1. Janet VonHolt says:

    Love the colorway Kelsey, but all were outstanding. What beautiful yarn those batts will spin up.


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