Episode 57: Yarn + New Farm

Hello lovelies! We’ve made the move to our new farm! I’m so excited to share a walk-about with you along with an heirloom FO from my great grandmother, a WIP from LB Handknits, a quick book review, and a giveaway from Somer of Dancing Sky Fiber Arts! Come hang a while?

To enter the Giveaway for a gorgeous batt from Dancing Sky Fiber Arts, please leave a comment here, on the Ravelry thread, or on the blog post telling us which is your favorite colorway in Somer’s shop: https://www.dancingskiesfiberarts.com/ I’ll draw a winner by random number generator in two weeks! Postage is included for US addresses; all other winners will need to pay their own international shipping costs.


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4 Responses to Episode 57: Yarn + New Farm

  1. Tracy L Robbins says:

    I’m so excited to watch this episode. So happy for you guys, what a great move. I probably need some Laguna colorway but drama queen stole my heart right away!

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  2. Janet VonHolt says:

    I just love your new property. So beautiful! I love th color way Kelsey, but all were outstanding. Those baths will spin up into gorgeous yarn.

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  3. Karen Bjerre Steenberg says:

    Lazy night or Iona, or speckled peacock,modes one have to decide on just one, there was also some nice sets, but they just had number names…

    Congrats on the move, I hope as you get settled you will share more about how you plan the crafting room etc. even curious to see how you sort your books, alphabetically or by subject, and subject is also difficult, because sometimes what is that, is it historical period, the type of garment, technique or… personally I have ended up sorting my books by size, because then I can store more making room for more fiber and yarn. Ok didn’t do than, but inside each group I have done it,like that, because yes space. I am sure at subject you pick to tell us about will be interesting.

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  4. Rhea Kohlman says:

    Ooo, Cherry Parfait is awfully pretty. 🙂 thanks for the chance to win. Your new farm looks beautiful.

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