Episode 59: We Got Sheep!

Dear yarn-folk! A new episode is up and full of . . . sheep! Come hang out with the flock that’s pasturing at our place for the rest of the summer. Plus, two baby knit FOs for some dear family and friends, a bit about the history of darning AND a birthday giveaway of fleece and yarn! Come hang a while?


To enter the Giveaway for either spinning fleece (washed) or two skeins of Vidalana yarn (perfect for summer knitting!), please leave a comment here, on the episode 58 YouTube thread, or on the Ravelry thread telling us which you would like and what you would make. I’ll draw two winners by random number generator in two weeks! Postage is included for US addresses; all other winners will need to pay their own international shipping costs. Good luck!

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10 Responses to Episode 59: We Got Sheep!

  1. Sharon Amara says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I love the small little flock you have acquired. They look so sweet. RE: Darning. I am not a fan but seeing the numerous beautiful darning eggs in your book was very interesting. I have one old wooden darning egg used only to Kitchener my sock toes!
    If I’m lucky enough to win your giveaway, I would love the orange yarn. I have been obsessed with peachy/orangey yarn lately to make a shawl and finding a nice color is difficult.

    Good Luck with your flock,

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  2. C.RandyRat says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!! I’d love some Fleece to Spin . . . I’ve just gotten started . . . Created 18yards so far on a top whorl drop Spindle, and have asked my husband if he will build me a Spinning Wheel . . . But until that is crafted and I can spin larger amounts I’d use my Fleece to wet Felt my KittenCat a “cave” . . . He is one Awesome Cat & deserves a Wooley Hangout!

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  3. She Emmons says:

    Happy Birthday! How exciting! This time next year you could be spinning or knitting from their fleece! What a birthday! Boy that yarn would make a nice chevron lace shawl. Can’t wait to see the sheep progress.

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  4. I liked hearing about how the dogs and sheep are coping with each other.

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  5. Calypso says:

    Happy Birthday! Love the kimono cardigan, must be fun to knit this in a newborn size! Your choice to go for the 18 months size is very wise. Sheep must be a lot of fun, sometimes I fantasize about goats in my wild garden, they could really help! Love the peach yarn! I would make a warm cowl.

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