Episode 62: The Ramblin’ Ram!?

Hello fiber and yarn folk! This episode begins with a CRAZY story about a ram who decided to trek his way to our farm . . . it also contains a little garment discussion about finishing work and a terrific interview with Kim Goodling of Vermont Grand View Farm! Come hang with us a while? ~Melissa

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To enter the giveaway for some delicious maple syrup from Kim’s farm, please leave a comment here, on the blog post or the Ravelry thread letting us know what you want to know about farm life or raising sheep! The giveaway is only open to the continental US; I’ll draw a winner by random number generator in 2 weeks time! Good luck!


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9 Responses to Episode 62: The Ramblin’ Ram!?

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks for all your posts. Are spinners more interested in raw fleece or things like roving, combed top? I am a new owner of a flock of Shetland Sheep and was wondering how to best market the fiber.

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  2. Sweet! That’s tomorrow’s entertainment sorted! And please sign me up for the giveaway too 😋

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  3. Which sheep breed in your experience produces the easiest fleece to spin? Also I would love to know if shearing sheep is difficult?

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    • Great questions! There is an awesome new book out called Raw Material that’s about a woman’d quest to become a shepherdess . . . you might enjoy it! I’m tearing through the chapters whenever I have a sec and she is a wonderful storyteller!


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