The September Collection by Making Stories

Hello yarn friends! As some of you know, Im an ambassador for Making Stories–a super cool, indie outfit out of Berlin, Germany. I’ve been a fan of Hanna Lisa and Verena for a long while now and, as a journal editor myself, I know that the work of publishing is wonderful, arduous, and crazy. That’s why I think we should celebrate the birth of new collections with lots of pomp and circumstance! And the Making Stories team is releasing their latest collection today! It’s called the September Collection and its chock full of wooly goodness. I had the opportunity to take a sneak peak at the collection so that I could write up a review for you all . . .

First, I want to knit ALL the sweaters, and there are so many of them! I’ve found over the years that the Making Stories team is really into garments; it’s one of the reasons I love their collections so much! The September Collection has four–yes four–really interesting sweaters that range from classic to completely contemporary. And all of them include some bit of novel construction.

September_Collection-Making Stories_final_0908.jpg

Variance by Keiko Kikuno

Take Variance, for example. It’s a sweater that produces some amazing lines all through the use of short rows and smart color work. I want to knit it simply to learn more about how it works–I’m a terribly non-spacial person and the best way for me to understand and learn knitting is to read patterns and get the yarn doing backflips in my hands. Like the rest of the sweaters in the collection, though, my sense is that even though these garments have a visual “wow factor,” they are actually pretty straightforward to knit. Hanna Lisa and Verena value accessibility and you can see that in the clarity of the patterns they accept for each collection.


I also absolutely love Mend, which plays around with the idea of well loved garments and the mending processes we could all use to keep our favorite sweaters alive for a bit longer. Plus, designer Armenuhi Khachatryan (she goes by Am) is a mathematician who also runs Oysters and Purls, a beautiful naturally dyed yarn shop.


Mend by Armenuhi Khachatryan


If garments aren’t your jam, you might consider the beautiful Wildflower shawl by Fiona Munro. It’s a squishy garter stitch delight with just enough colorwork to keep things interesting. I think I’m going to knit this one as an in-between // on the go project that I can pull out during meetings and appointments.


Wildflower by Fiona Munro


And what pattern collection would be complete without some socks?? The Pythagorean socks by Ainur Berkimbayeva are knit out of lovely Tukuwool fingering (yum!–I have a few skeins in my stash . . .) and the pattern reminds us all that socks don’t have to be knit in the same old vanilla way; we can spice things up with fresh angles whenever we want! This pair plays with triangles and it’s absolutely cool to see the results. I think I might knit a pair from the toe-up and make them even longer for the cold midwestern winters!


Pythagorean by Ainur Berkimbayeva


So do you have a favorite? Have you knit from any of the Making Stories collections before? If so, I’d love to hear what patterns you love!  ~Melissa


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4 Responses to The September Collection by Making Stories

  1. These patterns are so gorgeous and very unique. Thank you for sharing them!

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  2. Geraldine says:

    I love the shawl and the anklets!! All beautiful.😊

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